Our Values

Our Values as a Leading BPO Service Provider

OBP is enthusiastic about who we are and what we strive to achieve. We are dedicated to the success of our clients, their company and the people within our own company. We ensure to implement and execute the highest possible performance standard.

We manifest this through our three (3) core values:

  • Strive for excellence in everything we do
  • Nurture partnerships to bring positive outcome
  • Demonstrate strong commitment to our clients and our staff

We are dedicated to uphold these values and bring it to reality through the strong arm of our Management Team, the active participation and cooperation of our Staff, and the strong support of our Clients.


We take our commitment to our BPO clients and BPO service staff seriously. We implement Best Practice in all tasks and it is clearly embodied in how we handle our offshore outsourcing services. We are:

  • Keen in upholding the vision and goals established by our Management Team
  • Committed to delivering measurable results for our clients time after time
  • Dedicated to the long term professional development and success of our staff and our clients


We expect excellence and always seek to deliver the exceptional service through the following factors:

  • High performance
  • Outstanding efficiency
  • Continuous improvement

We lead by example and put our values to action. We continue to work hard to exceed our clients' expectations and in doing so, we achieve our vision and goals.


We believe in nurturing our partnerships to encourage growth and bring positive outcome. We foster an environment that encourages people to:

  • Actively support each other
  • Harmoniously work together
  • Value the essence of teamwork

In addition, OBP is a place where people:

  • Help others to succeed and celebrate both individual and team accomplishments
  • Share knowledge and resources across individual, cultural and organizational barriers
  • Apply complementary skills to achieve goals and deliver greater results for our clients

We do all of these things in the interest of achieving the best possible outcome for our company, our clients and our staff.

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Low Costs and Increased Conversion Rate

India and China may be considered as the top two BPO countries offering the lowest rates, but taking into consideration the above mentioned offshoring advantages, it remains clear that offshoring to the Philippines remains the best choice.

Highly Skilled and Available Workforce

Generally, there are six (6) basic skills which are required from any aspiring remote staff professional. These include: critical thinking skills, agility and adaptability, creativity and innovation, collaboration across networks, accessing and analysing information and effective oral, written, multimedia and multilingual communication skills

Cultural Compatibility

The country's cultural affinity with Western customs and traditions and its strategic geographical location has made it the most ideal offshoring destination in the world.

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